Monday, April 25, 2011

NiX these from your yard for MY safety!

Amaryllis Bulbs (Upset stomach, hyperactivity, lethargy= coma, shock, death)

Angel's Trumpet- All Parts (Varied toxic effects)

Apple seeds-most parts (Varied toxic effects=rapid breathing, shock, dilated pupils, diarrhea gum inflammation)

Apricot -almond seeds (Vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea)

Asparagus fern -All parts (Vomiting, abdominal pain= cramps, tremors, heart, respiratory, and kidney failure)

Azalea -All parts (Weakness, upset stomach, drooling = coma, heart failure, depression)

American, English, and Western Yew -All parts (Vomiting, abdominal pains, diarrhea)

Boston Ivy, Glocal Ivy, Heart Ivy, Needlepoint Ivy, Ripple Ivy, Ivy All parts (Upset stomach, hyperactivity=labored breathing, drooling, fever, increased thirst, dilated pupils, weakness, staggering, death)

Bird of Paradise Fruit, seeds-most parts (Varied toxic effects)

Buckeye -All parts (Varied toxic effects)

Black locust- All parts (Varied toxic effects)

Balsam pear -All parts (Vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea)

Buttercup -All top growth (Upset stomach)

Chrysanthemum- All parts (Skin irritation)

Creeping fig, Weeping fig -All parts (Upset stomach, skin irritation)

Creeping Charlie-All parts (Varied toxic effects)

Crown of Thorns -All parts (Varied toxic effects)

Castor bean -Seed pulp, seeds (Death)

China berry -All parts (Vomiting, upset stomach, diarrhea)

Coriaria -All parts (Varied toxic effects)

Drunk Cane-All parts (Upset stomach, oral irritation, asphyxiation, tremors, seizures, loss of balance, death)

Delphinium -All parts (Varied toxic effects)

Daffodil -Bulbs (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, death)

Emerald Duke -All parts (Varied toxic effects)

Elephant ears -All parts (Varied toxic effects)

English Holly -All parts (Varied toxic effects)

Fox glove -All parts, especially seeds (Upset stomach, tremors, seizures, loss of balance, lethargy= collapse, heart failure, death
Ground cherry -seeds Varied toxic effects)

Heart leaf (Philodendrum) -Leaves, stems, stalks (Upset stomach, mouth irritation, tremors, =seizures, loss of balance, asphyxiation, death)

Horse Chestnut -All parts Varied toxic effects)

Indian turnip -All parts Varied toxic effects)

Indian tobacco -All parts (Varied toxic effects)

Japanese plum -All parts (Vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, death)

Jerusalem Cherry -Berries (Varied toxic effects)

Jimson weed -All parts, especially seeds (Varied toxic effects, death)

Jasmine -All parts (labored breathing= seizures, weakness, respiratory failure, death)

Larkspur -All parts (upset stomach, excitement= depression, death)

Loco weed -All parts (Varied toxic effects)

Lupine -All parts (Varied toxic effects)

Marble Queen -All parts (Varied toxic effects)

Majesty -All parts (Varied toxic effects)

Monkey pod -All parts (Varied toxic effects)

Mushrooms -All parts (Varied toxic effects)

Moonseed -All parts (Varied toxic effects)

Matrimony vine -All parts (Varied toxic effects)

Marijuana -All parts (Varied toxic effects)

Morning Glory -Most parts (Upset stomach, hallucination)

Mescal bean -seeds (Varied toxic effects, death)

Nightshade -All parts (Varied toxic effects)

Nutmeg -All parts (Varied toxic effects)

Oak tree -Acorns (Varied toxic effects)

Poinsettia -All parts especially seeds (Upset stomach, oral irritation, = death)

Pot mum -All parts (dermatitis)

Pathos -All parts (Varied toxic effects)

Poke weed -All parts (Varied toxic effects)

Peach -All parts (Vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea)

Poison hemlock -All parts (Varied toxic effects, death)

Pig weed -All parts (Varied toxic effects)

Periwinkle -Most parts (hallucinogen, lethargy)

Peyote -Most parts (Varied toxic effects)

Red Princess -All parts (Varied toxic effects)

Rhubarb -Leaf blade (convulsions, coma, death)

Spider mum -All parts (dermatitis, skin irritations)

Saddle leaf and Split leaf Philodendron -Leaves, stems, stalks (upset stomach, mouth irritation, tremors= seizures, loss of balance, asphyxiation, death)

Sprangeri fern -All parts Varied toxic effects

Spinach -All parts (Varied toxic effects)

Sunburned potatoes -Green growth, sprouts (Varied toxic effects= death)

Tomato and tomato vine -Green growth, sprouts, most parts (Varied toxic effects)

Umbrella plant -All parts (Vomiting, abdominal pains, =cramps, tremors, heart, respiratory, kidney failure, death)

Water hemlock -Most partsmainly tubers (Varied= toxic effects, death)
Wild cherry -seeds (Upset stomach,= tremors, seizures, loss of balance, death)

Wisteria -seeds (Varied toxic effects)

so.... momma, what's left?


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