Saturday, April 30, 2011

SHARE your human, please

Momma was gone for a few hours yesterday. The woman thinks she can keep secrets from us. Riiiiight. AHA.  We do call that delusional fantasy.  It was not two seconds after she came back that the three of us four leggeds knew where she had been and with whom. Yes... with whom. Unlike daddy who peppered her questions, [which she answers with stingy words, like it costs her money to speak....] we knew without a single question. Well we knew 99% of it. There was one smell we could not identify. We knew instantly that momma had been at White Dog Cottage. What am I, stupid?  I smelled Miss Rosie all over her. Rosie... what were doing all up on MY momma? Tillie, did you think I was not going to know that you were on MY momma's lap? Hmmm? Now that that one smell... It took some detective work, BUT Louie, Louie , Louie... I heard so much about you and now I find out you were Mr cuddles? What is up with that???   What ever happen to fierce?  Are you not worried about your rep?  Momma told daddy you are a sweetie pie.  "Sweetie pie".  Louie that's a blink away from "pudding" and a breath away from "mush...."  JD suggested we go over to momma and "mark" her. You know, territorial imperative and all.  [JD has done that twice... to momma at obedience classes, and now momma is NOT allowed to be his alpha human, cause she is lousy at it. She apparently is  was JD's property...] 

Well. I decided to listen to her before taking some kind of action. The woman made some good points. She simply visited White Dog Cottage to help auntie Robin.. while she was there she helped herself to some Bichon loving. Pretty much like JD does when strangers pet him. He helps himself to some human petting ALL THE TIME...   Momma said that all the Bichons at white Dog Cottage need more belly rubs. Four hands do not go far enough in petting twenty some Bichons. Whoa.  Bad numbers. We have 4 full time hands and 3 Bichons and that's NOT enough!.

Ok. I am taking the high road. I get it. I am secure enough [I am on her lap right now] to go ahead and share momma, occasionally. Kind of a "loan your two legged program". I ask all my fellow White Dog Cottage grads to participate in the loan your two legged  program.   You all remember what it was like not to have a two legged of your own? So, please, be secure, loan your two legged for a few hours of belly rubbing. I promise they will come back.  Work the "guilt " angle with them [hmmm] and you will get twice as much attention... as if that is even possible...

Being loved and spending time one on one with a two legged is fulfilling the Bichon destiny.
Please share your human.  Wendy is still iffy about this. JD finally got it. I am secure enough. Keep rubbing woman, do my ears next....

Tillie, momma was really impressed with how sweet you are.  Rosie, obviously you are a charmer, and Louie... you have good taste, momma is a good one. Leila and Yuky, I do hope you get a family soon because the way you too play made momma coo and smile and some human should see how much you too love each other. Where are your forever families???

Secure enough to share, 'vie


Sheltie Times said...

Humans need lots of attention. We provide it to all who come to visit us, even when they smell of other dogs. They often complain that they will be in trouble when they go home, but we do not concern ourselves. They are here now and tummy rubs are in order.

We don't worry about Mom and Dad having other dog smells. We know Sheltie scent can quickly overcome any competing scents in moments. They always return to us even when others borrow them.

Marshmallow said...

Our mama and daddy go and walk rescue dogs a few times a week. When they come home, they smell like all kinds of dogs. We are willing to share, because they always come home to US--just like your mama did. I think there are enough pets and belly rubs to go around.