Saturday, April 23, 2011

someone please EXPLAIN

Explain to me why my belly rubs have to be deferred so momma can do that cake thingie?
Why is it that 2leggeds must have food that looks good to them. If it tastes good, and I know it does, why bother with the looks?  She putzed with sugar and made the flowers and rolled fondant etc.  That whole sugar painting bit on the bottom... and the tastes did not change.  I asked. She said- "so it looks good".   Hey my belly looks better!!! No wash off that color and come on, rub my belly!
As far as four leggeds are concerned the most important issue is does it smell great?  From that smell we can tell the taste. How it looks.... NOT AN ISSUE.  We have had this conversation with momma many many times... At the doggy bakery she buys cutsies.  I would rather get liver lips. She can eat the tart looking things that have no smell and taste like ....packing material.

Can you imagine how much more time would momma have to rub my belly, and cuddle me if she would just adopt the 4legged philosophy?

I am just saying...

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Anonymous said...

I think humans prefer the food to LOOK good. 4-leggers need it to smell good...or sometimes really not so good (stinky)

Kolchak Puggle said...

Oh but Vie, Mama can rub bellies when she is making a work of ART! That cakes is beautiful! We are in awe of your Mama's talent!

silvieon4 said...

Kol, don't be. She plays with sugar. My last birthday cake looked like a giant bone. I got all excited. Frumpt it was pumpkin cake... IT WAS NOT A BONE! This whole making food look good has me.... stumped. I liked your momma's Easter eggs. MY momma has egg "molds". Where she grew up they had chocolate [ick] eggs which held surprises inside. So occasionally she re visits her childhood...Once she went all out and dud a "faberge" look alike all in sugar and white chocolate.
2 hours and they ate in in 3 minutes... nuff said, now here is my belly....