Thursday, April 14, 2011


I live with momma, yes daddy too, but momma has a reputation for ... let's say it nicely -a biggggg mouth- when it comes to speaking her mind when she sees something "not right" going  on.
The thing is, she morphs from this nice polite lady to hulkette. My nick name for it. It is much kinder than what other people might call her. I think she forgets she is under five feet tall.  But, if she sees some man pulling a small dog up by his collar...  hulktette comes out and that guy will be shamed, scolded and "educated". Yea sometimes education is painful. And it does not stop there... If that man has a wife, girl friend or such...she will getting a cheerful earful.  Momma's fav line to the "accessory to abuse" is... "Just think dear, today it's the dog, tomorrow it's you and soon after it will be your children".  The way the line is delivered it is intended to be what it is. A public outing of the abuser, a labeling of the behavior and a warning.  

Momma has had many confrontations. Over many many issues. It never fails to amaze me that people can be so stupid.  You really think that tying your dog to your bumper and leaving it tied in 100 degree temps while you go down a few beers it's ok? If momma see this, you are coming back to no dog.  You think that it is ok to put a 2 lbs spiked collar on a 5 lb dog and pull him like a sack of potatoes... get ready for a face off. And the list goes on and on....

In our neighborhood, some people have had the momma experience full on.  They now call her the "rescue" lady to her face, behind her back??? Not  that she cares. But trust me, nobody dares leave their dog tied to anything outside. And interestingly enough momma knows the names of the dogs, but most times, has no idea what their owners are called. We are the house where runaway dogs end up. It's ok. If they are without a leash and running free, momma invites them in. It is safer for them to wait here while we locate their families who are in for a long lecture and a mini trial. Yes. Famous line heard around here: " PROVE to me you are a deserving owner who should have this dog." [Hi Steve].

So, you see, we are know cruelty awareness. Now we want the rest of the world to come on board so momma is not the only one on that boat.  It is a noble quest!  It does not take much. Momma says it takes a coward to abuse an animal and cowards faced with a confrontation will back down.

So, please, learns the signs of animal cruelty, advocate, educate, ameliorate the life of an animal!

Animal cruelty can come in many different guises, and they aren’t always physical.
The man who laughs and tells you that he teaches his big dog to chase and scare the small dog is engaging in psychological terror. IT IS CRUELTY!

An animal that has multiple scars or with open wounds or who limps has other difficulties moving around can also be indicative of abuse.
Animals who are left outside with no shelter from the elements and/or are chained for extensive periods of time.
An emaciated animal with visible bone protrusions, usually around the ribcage or along thespine may be underfed or not fed at all.
Hair loss, skin lesions or matted fur.
Animals who are forced to live in their own excrement by being caged 12 hours a day or more Animals who are crated in a space that is too small to move in comfortably or are kept in a  crate for extensive periods of time.

Please, be proactive. Please speak for those who can't speak for themselves.  Don't be afraid to "butt in". There is no shame in saving a life. Celebrate the prevention of animal cruelty. It is the highest expression of your own humanity.

Gingerly stepping off my soap box.... when did I climb on?



bichonpawz said...

Don't EVEN get mama started!!! We would like to put the spike collar on the OWNERS and CHAIN them to the ***@@@@ tree / post ... let them sit out in the HOT, hot sun with no water. It is positively INFURIATING. Your momma is doing EVERYTHING RIGHT!!! Educate those jerks and let them know they can't get away with it! ARGH!!! Makes US Mad!!! xoxo Chloe, LadyBug, and the Mama

silvieon4 said...

Momma' favorite line when she sees those spiked collars on tiny dogs..."Is your penis that small?"