Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No, I am NOT sleeping on the job

I am keeping momma company. Where ever she went yesterday, somebody broke her.
She came back all broken and slow.   I know she has blue embroidery on her, but I have not seen it. So, why does she go there if she knows they are going to do vick like this to her?

Humans. Yes, two leggeds are simply incomprehensible. Sometimes I think they lack survival instinct. 

But, one must take their two leggeds as they find them, so I am first on company duty. Keeping an eye on her is fairly easy. She is moving too slowly for her to get away with much. JD took the night shift and literally stuck to her like glue most of the night. The thing is, he is strange.  He will sit 3 feet from momma and stare at her, but will not go up to her unless she says it is OK. Why would it not be OK?  I am a paws on girl. no boundaries for me. Although momma does stick pillows between us at times.  But I think she does that for my comfort. After all, I am a princess and I love soft soft soft. 

Daddy is being a good nurse, sort of... Wendy is too freaked out to be of any use. That one just can't handle anybody being broken in any way.  When I was tossing my cookies, she would hide and then she would come to stare at me. 

Well I have one job today. Get the momma to keep drinking lots of water, keep her company and tell daddy when she is getting up.  Oh, BTW, no pictures of momma are allowed. Know why?  because she is wearing some funky get up that can only be described as the most unsexy casing like hook and zippered up contraption. They must be afraid that something might escape out of her. Just hideous. Not even a pair of  JIMMY CHOO could save this get up.

Back to work. I have to flop myself next to her and wait for daddy to bring me breakfast in bed. Hey I am on duty here, can't leave my post!


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