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Thursday, April 7, 2011


Every Bichon knows that watching your human is crucial. Little clues give you insight into your human. My two legged has been broken, but today she woke up and after the "ouchy ouchy dance" she made her way to her closet. Clothes... Mhhh progress. Is that a ring on your finger momma? Ohhhh serious progress. What the hey? A hat?? A white hat? OMD she is playing white hat society? Well two steps forward, one step back. Oh wait, the Bash, she is looking to the Bash, of course, she will wear a white hat. Momma, practice standing and sitting first without the ouchy dance which makes us all want to run away. Momma puffs like a dragon and groans like an old engine running out of oil. And she talks to herself. Really. Most of it sounds like some sort of monastery chant laced with some sort of pep talk. But you only need to know to stay far enough away while she is moving and snuggle her once she stops trying to move. Oh, did I mention that she sounds like a bad frog? I think they fed her gravel. But on the whole, we are seeing progress. Going to sniff her out. She is getting ready for a bath, and I need to keep an eye on her. Later,



Kolchak Puggle said...

Jeeze, your Mama is up and at'em and her priority is some human social thing? Wow, Silvie on 2, you gotta get your priorities straight. 'Vie should be numero uno! Got it? (but real glad you're feeling betetr!)

silvieon4 said...

Koli, the Bash is for Vie and all the families of TBFR. As far as being up.... mhh I am more like leaning, I have gotten 'Vie's and the Wendy's dress and JD's tie ready. Besides, guess who has been glued to me... Miss rub my belly with your one good arm 'vie....