Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just because you can , it does not mean you should.

Dog fighting video game available through Google's Android

Kage Games, the maker of a new video app, defends its "offering" by pointing out that it's only fantasy.
I can't believe I have to ask this question.
What type of person needs or wants this fantasy? And why are we supporting this type of person? And with that kind of reasoning, where do we draw the line?  At baby killing fantasy games? That is as arbitrary a point as any.

Kage Games, here is a reality check for you.
Your greed driven profit seeking euphoria cannot justify this horror away.  You function in OUR world. A world you have a social and moral obligation to ameliorate. The rest of us WILL NOT TOLERATE YOUR BLIND GREED because the social costs are too high and we are unwilling to foot this bill.

And don't you dare hide behind freedom of speech.  As as you are not free to yell fire in a crowded theater, you are not free to promote brutality, hate, pain, death for your own greed and profit.

Dog fighting is NEVER ok.  NEVER. Just as rape is not ok, ever. Just as murder is not ok. ever. and the list goes on and on.  If this is your stab at filling in what the Crush laws address... forget it.

We will make this a financially expensive and  completely unrewarding experience for both you and GOOGLE. When I cancel my Android you know what reason I will give them? KAGE.

 I don't believe I will be alone. Your moral bankruptcy and lack of decency will not taint my life.

Enough is enough.  If you had real talent to produce a viable app, you would not be slumming to these depths.

Vick off!


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