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Monday, August 2, 2010

Why is he mad?

why is this dude so mad?

I know... they tell him the secret ingredient and he doesn't like it? Hey tell them to try chicken livers, I love those! Or maybe cheese. I love cheese... Maybe I would watch his show then... OMD did he say Parmiggiano Reggiano?? I am in I am in I am in.. where do you tape???? You need a taste taster???? I AM IN!!!!!

I would be mad at mushrooms too.....


rocky-dog said...

this has apparently been one of mama's favorite shows for some time -- even back from when it was produced in Japan and everything was in Japanese (and no, mama does not speak japanese except maybe for sake, unagi, and a couple of other sushi words!) Personally I think it is strange when they create ice cream out of things like prickly pear! Liver would be better IMHO


rocky-dog said...

oh yeah, and this is probably as close to cooking as we are going to get for a couple more weeks -- mama's kitchen isn't there anymore and she and john have been making loud noises and have cut out big parts of the ceiling. hmph, if I CHEWED out wall like they are doing I'd be in big trouble. oh and mama disappeared yesterday -- I could hear her under the FLOOR! I'm not exactly sure where she was, but there was NO mama -- just her voice!


rocky-dog said...

hey 'vie, I was telling mama about how you found her chef tv program and I told her I didn't understand why they don't make LIVER ice cream. She said they DO -- sometimes anyway. So I'm thinking you and i need to somehow see if they could use production tasters for the program. My sister Kim does film, theatre and tv production stuff -- I'll ask her how we could become official production staff -- oh wait, mama says I already HAVE a job and that they do the tv show in New York so it's too far for me. But she said that you should ask YOUR mama to try out for the show!

Mommy, I'm Home said...

The Asian version of that show is hilarious. Some of the dishes they come up with are just scary too!

silvieon4 said...

Harsh... I would be willing to taste sardine ice cream.... LOL... ok maybe not.... but frog butt cheecks really sound delicious. [Homage to The Midge]... ok bottom lime I will eat parmiggiano reggiano anywhere on anything.... I think... Rocky tell your momma big rewards from big efforts. Soon... nice new kitchen!!!!