Thursday, August 5, 2010

KUDOS to Kevin Costner!!!

Kevin Costner & Modern West perform at Country Thunder in Twin Lakes

Caption: Kevin Costner (Picture) & Modern West perform at Country Thunder in Twin Lakes Wisconsin, USA ....

Costner Helps Save Unwanted Dogs

Animal-loving actor KEVIN COSTNER has thrown his support behind a charity operation which rescues unwanted dogs from death row.

The Bodyguard star has given his backing to the Orange Dog organization which saves homeless pets from being euthanized in overcrowded animal shelters across the U.S. by flying them to Canada for re-homing.

The charity works with the help of a private jet firm which allows the organization to fly dogs around when the planes are not in use, and Costner is urging the public to support the good cause.

He tells Access Hollywood, "When this plane is operating at its best, it's not just taking people around the world, it's hauling animals... (It's) essentially an exchange of animals that were going to be euthanized. Instead of having that happen, (the dogs are) now making their way to Canada, having a second chance at life.

"(The charity) spoke to my heart. The last dog that we saved... in two hours was going to be euthanized, and believe it or not, before we made it to Canada, the pilot adopted the dog.

"I think the first trip (they) took 50-plus dogs, the second trip I think (they) took 115 dogs all on this plane, so you can imagine this luxury, five-star piece of transportation just filled with animals that are going to get a second chance at life."

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bichonpawz said...

I will now support Kevin Costner in ANYTHING he does! What an amazing man. Why don't we have more people like this in the world??