Wednesday, August 25, 2010

progress on the Julie lifesaving project

fundraising ideas


Ok, we need to hit a thousand. Then I will feel as if we really are on the way.
Could you, would you, spare a dime to save a beautiful Dalmatian baby girl?

So many of you have asked me why Julie. She is not a Bichon. Well as I have told you over and over, I am NOT a breedist. She needs help and that is all that counts. Frankly I would love to smell each one of those spots. They look interesting. Did you know that JD has a spotted belly?
So maybe I love spots because of him. In any case, if you can read this and you can reach in your wallet, even 5$ will make a HUGE difference. And when was the last time five bucks meant as much?

Thank you in advance, tomorrow is a big day for Julie. She will be at the vet for tests. My prayers are with her. Now, throw some of your dirty paper her way, so that money is not what stands between her and life!


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3 doxies said...

I couldn't agress withs you matter da breed if we can help we should!!!!!!
Oh, I am Puddles and I coming by from Tanks bloggie.
I send my thoughts and paryers to little miss Julie'