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Monday, August 23, 2010


I was caught rolling myself on the carpeting. I was accused of doing it to remove my bows. I was told to stop immediately... which I did... But. The truth is, I was not even thinking about the bows. Someone owes me a big apology. I am not naming names, but the itchy sneezy coughy one owes me a big apology...Look, in my world possession is not the sole form ownership. Scenting something makes it yours, specially if you can out scent anyone else.Not familiar? Well, I found this great chewie. Where and how is not important. {Anyone see JD? Is he anywhere near his look out window? Good, he is sleeping downstairs? Gooooood}Now, focus on the fact that I found it. I declared it mine. I was rolling myself on top of it to scent it. Get it? I was doing the right thing. In a delicate operation like this, I don't need momma telling me to stop it. Specially when she sounds like... a mean man. How is a girl supposed to take care of her business ?

Shh I hear JD coming up... kkkkk, have to go...

Talk to you later momma... I have to go and put something away... yea, that's it, away... you know, everything in its place and a place for everything... as you say... Got to stay neat... kisses,



Mommy, I'm Home said...

Well at least your momma was alert enough to see you rolling around on the floor -- even if she does sound like a mean man.... Glad she is feeling better!

Chloe said...

Ahahah, that is so true and so cute. Yes, we scent things. Roll on them, that's a good way to scent it. I also like licking something to scent it with my minty breathe or whatever it is that makes it mine when I lick, lick, lick it.

Badges!? Oh, good! We need stinkin' badges.

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