Friday, August 6, 2010

Interesting gifts

So... any of you got flavored waters for your B day? I must say, it is a new one on me. New enough that I had to gurgle it, [ha, pun to the second power!]** Apparently quite a few companies are jumping on the "fortified, vitaminized, electrolized, nutritionized" dog water band wagon! I hear the Ka-ching in my head as I think about it... I am familiar with ka-ching because that is the sound daddy's puter makes when he is using Quicken to pay bills. KA-CHING!

Let's get down to brass tax. What is the etiquette /protocol when presented with a bowl of this stuff? Do you smell the cap for bouquet and freshness? Do you slurp and hold it for flavor and tang carefully breathing out of your nose while you let the roof of your mouth capture the essence? Or do you drink the whole think fast and furious looking for the liver it smells like, but that it's not there?????

And... should it be served in a bowl, goblet or plate? I am really stumped. Oh and the names attributed to this stuff! Instead of the straight forward beef, chicken, liver, lamb labels which is plainly indicative of the flavor... we have "Toilet Water, Puddle Water, Hose Water and Gutter Water"... so... the "cuteness factor" was "factored in". And yes, these are hot sellers. Hot enough that they are presently out of everything but the one flavor! KKKKKKKaaa-ching!

Ok, I am going to give this flavored water a go. It is.... water. It is ok. But here is the thing. I am 4 now and not so easily impressed. When I get my frozen chicken stock at home, I know that at some point, I will be getting the chicken cubes, so.... I build anticipation! I get excited.

Soooo, who is getting the beef, chicken, lamb and liver cubes that made these bottles??????

And one more point....I am a Bichon, I don't do TOILET water....or for that matter any of the other cute icky names you think are funny. Gutter water??? Puddle water???? Ever hear the phrase "LEAVE IT!" ? ... I know better! Apparently you don't have a momma!

Ehhh. It is OK. No, it will never be on my wish list.


** [Momma's note: she means google it. Or gargle it. Honestly, I have no idea]


Mommy, I'm Home said...

Obviously someone needs to come up with some water just for you Bichons. Chica suggests "fresh and ice cold water," "water with a touch of roast beef," and "water delivered in a 24K gold goblet."

silvieon4 said...

Ohhhh that is good! Roast beef, I love prime rib...even a well done sirloin... I could slum for... Chica, fresh cold icy filtered water... I even like it frizzy!

DogsMom said...

Maybe it would be good with ice cubes, at least give you something to play with.

I found you through Tucker's blog.
Today I am blogging about Tucker's contest and another doggie party. Pleae come and read the details.

bichonpawz said...

We have not heard of these special kinds of water. We prefer bottled water. Or at least served FRESH in a nice dish. And we prefer icy cold too!! xoxoxo Chloe and LadyBug