Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The value of friends Homage to TANK

The true value of friends cannot be measured with a stick or with a scale, but it can never be underestimated. My friend Tank is in his own words " a very intelligent and opinionated Lhasa Apso". True. But he is more than that. Anyone familiar with his blog knows that TANK had HEART. Yes HEART with all capital letters. So, when I asked him to help with the Julie Lifesaving project, he joined in. He did a fab post and Tank has very loyal readers! Well I cannot thank you enough Tank. And Julie's caretaker has been surprised by the response from all of us blogging 4leggeds. But hey, we are noble creatures and why would we NOT help with this poor baby's plight? I mean , after all, like I have said before, I have sniffed money, it is really dirty paper...
So why would anyone hesitate to give some away for such a worthy cause???

Thank you TANK, and btw... the bushy tailed rats... they are still messing up my yard.
One problem at the time.

Grateful 'vie

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Anonymous said...

Aw shucks, I was happy to do it. I hope Julie gets the help she needs:)