Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: Easy Peasy Squares

Momma is always making stuff for YESTERDISH.

Not that I am jealous or anything, but enough woman.  I put my paw down. Make something for Silvieon4. Dang it! Silvieon4 was here long before that upstart Yesterdish. Loyalty,  woman!

After a long discussion, [so it was more like my ranting and her trying to ignore me] the momma gave me this post:- guilt is wonderful currency, I am just saying....


Get two lbs of fresh ground white turkey meat [no skin no fat]
and yes you can use dark meat ground, but NO skin and NO fat.
[Canine Pancreatitis  is no fun]

Please use a good quality turkey - Avoid the "turkey rolls" and the saline injected products.
don't worry about the lean turkey being too dry- the sweet potato will take care of that issue.
AIM for the leanest turkey you can find.

Get two large sweet potatoes.

Get one large food storage bag.

One rolling pin.

One yardstick.

One pair of scissors.

Dehydrator trays or oven trays.

Microwave 2 large sweet potatoes, after you cut a slit in the skin-
about 8 minutes depending on your microwave and the size of your potatoes

Get a large food storage bag

After your potatoes have cooled, drop them in the plastic bag.
Zip it closed and SMUSH them. Smush is a word! Ok, ok, flatten out the cooked, cooled sweet potatoes.

Once the sweet potatoes are cold and smashed inside the bag, drop your ground turkey into the bag, zip it closed.

Now while the bag is closed and full, MIX that turkey with the sweet potatoes.

You want to create a homogeneous looking orange looking mix.

It should look like this. Now get your rolling pin. {YES, the bag is Still zipped up!}

Roll the pin over the bag to obtain a uniform thickness. You are doing this to facilitate the baking/dehydrating process as uniformity insures even cooking.

Now you need those scissors. You are going to carefully cute the edges of the bag open without disturbing your mixture.

like this.  See?

Lift the bag "flap" up, and get your yardstick.

This is my favorite yardstick.  It was a giveaway about 30 years ago, and it is my kitchen yardstick and it only works with food.  Just once, someone who shall go nameless tried to "borrow it".
He only lives because he fathered my children. [Paul Newman tried to borrow the stick???? Woa... who knew!]

The pictures illustrate what to do. You are basically scoring even lines  and eventually squares.

Transfer them to a baking sheet, or a dehydrator tray and set your time.
Now you can dispose of that plastic bag!

If you are baking them, the oven should be preheated at 350 and you are looking at 20-25 minutes to bake
and if you want them crisper , turn the temp to about 225 and bake for about an hour.

I set my dehydrator at 155-168 for about 4 hours

Yes I alwso dehydrated some other goodies, I never run my Excalibur half empty...

Some little girl was keeping vigil as the squares were being made.
The Wendy is no fool. she makes herself available for taste tasting anytime the Excalibur is full.

This is what the finished product looks like. And there are  three Bichons here, that love them and I tasted them, they are really   good! And now you have a TASTY TUESDAY Easy Peasy recipe, that is healthy and easy to make with minimal clean up. .

Hey, Dr. Jerry Redding, sweet potatoes, see??? NO GLUTEN, NO JUNK!!!!!
Dr. Klemm, you should try these. 

Well, my job is done, for today. Ehmm, I could taste some for you momma. just to make sure...
I hate that word. DIET. This woman will not allow a snack. DRAT.


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