Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A post by The Wendy- The "I told you so edition"

I told Silvieon4 NOT to roll all over the deck.  I told her momma would not put up with that.
And I even told her that she would get a very long bath and medication.
But did she listen to me???? NO.

And I am the big sister!  I know these things. If I am going to roll in anything, I wait and do it on daddy's watch.  I have a 50/50 chance of getting caught then. Not  on momma's watch, nop that is a 100% chance of getting caught. She is so obsessive....

Post bath the Silvieon4 was all over me, apologizing and what not. I am not stooooopid, Silvie was using me to get even with momma.  I got all her kisses and attention and momma got nothing.It is called retaliation.

Momma did scrub her clean and did fluff her out. She actually smells nice.  FYI... the bows lasted about 20 minutes. One "fell off"  the other got plucked off. I know nothing.....

Hey it is tasty Tuesday, you are not cooking?  Oh the dehydrator.  Yogurt lamb bits... Ahh yes, the ground lamb and yogurt bits that become crunchy... I remember,  when will they be ready?  Four pm...

What do you mean you are stripping floors? Am not even sure what that means, floor stripping.  Are you taking up the rugs??? Making the floors naked? Wax?  What wax? Spring cleaning.  I am going upstairs then and take a nap ok? Call me if you need me to taste something.  Ciao

who is being being followed by Silvieon4

The yogurt lamb bits.... are easy.... Mix a lb of ground lamb with a cup of Greek yogurt. flatten it out on a silpat sheet, cut into tiny squares, dehydrate for about 6 hrs.

You get crunchy bits. Delicious....


stellaroselong said...

she should have listened.
stella rose

Two French Bulldogs said...

I bet she will listen next time
Lily & Edward