Thursday, May 8, 2014

Max, NO!

Adam sent this picture with this quote: "Do a good job on the bewwi and there's more where this came from. "

Max, boy, "nephew", what have you done?
Adam is bragging all over town that he gets dirty paper from you when he gives you belly scritches! 

DUDE! Belly scritches are a RIGHT, not something that you have to pay for!!!!
Are you crazy?  Starting that trend could be very dangerous for all of us.  I mean... Momma does not leave her dirty paper around for us to pluck.  Maybe the Dowi is trusting of you. Maybe she has not figured out that you have been paying for your scritches... maybe she does not know that Adam has been coming over because you made it into a profitable event! 

I just don't know what to say.  I am just DUMBFOUNDED, GOBSMACKED, SHOCKED even!

Now listen up.
You are entitled to belly scritches anytime you are around one of YOUR hoomans.  You do not pay for them.  You can lick, kiss, wag or even play bow.  BUT, at no time are you to ever engage in the exchange of dirty paper in any manner whatsoever!

For woof sake, boy you are degrading into hoomanistic behavior! Why spiriling in that degrading descent?
Buckle up!  You are  a BICHON, dang it, now start acting like it.  The ones with thumbs are staff.  We are to be served, belly stritches are a service.

You can love up your hooman, but not with dirty paper.  Got it?

I think we need to bring this boy back here for a refresher course. No, an intervention!

Auntie Robin... he is missing "foundations!" I hold you responsible.

Dowiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, do you know where your dirty paper is?

'vie, joined by a shocked JD and an utterly befuddled The Wendy.

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