Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Guest Blogger: Max

Hi new friends!

It's wonderful to meet everyone. I've been staying at Silvie's house for the past few days and I can't wait to tell you all about it.

I was pretty concerned when Dori (she's my person) packed up almost all my favorite toys and snacks in a black suitcase, but she promised it was for a vacation and that we'd have fun. Thankfully, she was telling the truth (not like that time she said she wasn't hiding my eyedrops behind her back AND SHE TOTALLY WAS). This place is awesome!!!!

Before this trip, my best stuffy was named Arf (he's the one in the pic with me). I took him everywhere; walks, happy hour, other walks. But now I have a better stuffy. I call her "Silvie." She is white and fluffy like me, but she has a tiny button nose and long and floofy ears. I love to sniff them. Unlike Arf, who is wonderful but a little lazy, Silvie is always sticking her butt in my face and fanning her tail. We romp a billion times a day. SO FUN.

I almost had another stuffy that I found in the yard, but Dori wouldn't let me keep her. Dori called her "Buttercup" and said that she had a bunny family that loved her very much and that I couldn't keep her. It's sad, she was so tiny and I really liked her squeaks. Dori said she is safe and happy with her family though, sigh.

I've made other new friends here too. JD is so cool. He lets me bark at stuff with him. We both hate large brown dogs, so it's pretty fun. Wendy is a little more reserved, like Arf, but I love her and I never pass up the chance for a good sniff. She is so pretty!

I also really love the food here. I mean, Dori is a great cook and all or whatever, but I had a turkey egg for breakfast this morning!!!! And I keep finding the best chewies all over the place! It's a little hard to find a good place to hide them because, even though I try, I can't seem to dig a hole in the carpet to bury them. I'm really going to focus on that today, so I'll let you know how it goes.

My absolute favoritest part of this vacation isn't the stuffies, the chewies, or even the food. It's that Dori doesn't abandon me every day for "work." You guys. I hate work. Work is stupid. I need her with me. I need food and belly rubs and snuggles and play time and walks and sniffies. NO MORE WORK. I hope she is done forever and I get my person back for good!

The only bad part of the trip is that Dori keeps putting weird outfits on me. SIGH.

Anyway, even with the weird outfits, this has been the best vacation so far. I totally recommend staying with Silvie for vacations. And sniffing her ears. And romping. And turkey eggs!!!

Chewies and stuffies,

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Two French Bulldogs said...

Nice to meet you Max! It looks like you are fitting right in over there
Lily & Edward