Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sepia Saturday: Looking cool is a full time job.

Memorial Day. Hm. Which one is that?  Oh yea, the BBQ, rib and GRILLED meat party!  I like that one.
My two legged siblings are coming home yeaaaa!
Wait. The Dowi is bringing MAX. Hm.

You know, I need to work on that boy.  He was all over the Wendy, which is nice. I guess.  The Wendy
has an admirer, but what am I? Chopped livah?  Left over sushi??
Momma says I might be suffering beautiful girl syndrome.
You know, so beautiful that most boys are intimidated by my looks?

Well, Max, get over your insecurities.  YOU WILL PLAY WITH ME.
I am cool.  I am fun, I am beautiful and I run this joint, so deal with that .
You want anything while you are here, it starts and ends with moi.

How do you like my shades?

Think being cool is easy?  IT's a full time job!

Momma, do you have enough ribs, and steaks and sausage and pork chops and corn? [Feed the hoomans corn and they are too full for meat... It is a great plan!]

I think I will lounge while the momma runs around "preparing".
It is good to be a BICHON!



Two French Bulldogs said...

Looking very sheik
Lily & Edward

Matilda's Journey said...

Oh my goodness! In some of your beautiful piccies, you look like our beloved sister Mouschi (now at RB). Mouschi was a poodle, but looked a lot like a Bichon. We love you! Mouschi lived a wonderful life after rescue and adoption. We think she may have been almost 18 years old!

Matilda's Journey said...

We tried to post a comment, but it didn't go through

Groovy Goldendoodles said...

Look at you, your future's so bright - you've gotta wear shades BOL...

ruckustheeskie said...

Definitely a full time job. You sure are rocking it though.

Happy Sepia Memorial Weekend! Ruckus the Eskie