Monday, May 19, 2014

Editorial - Middle of the night OUTRAGE

In response to the growing awareness of the toxicity of dog treats from China, a Chinese factory owner ate a jerky treat to prove they are safe.

My response?  YAWN.

That single action proves NOTHING.  One treat is meaningless given  his body weight,. It does not equal the frequency, amount, ratio etc... of treats fed to a dog which may weight as little as one pound!. Grandstanding like this is BS. And I am quite offended at the audacity that presumes I am so stupid as to buy this PR stunt as anything other what it is.

Do you buy it? I bet that unless you have been lobotomized, you don't buy it. And you shouldn't.

They are suffering economic impact? GOOODDDDD!  That makes me feel great.  It means that we are making some headway in education pet pawrents.

If the governing bodies had any brains whatsoever, they would sua sponte [on their own] shut down all these companies, because whatever economic impact they would suffer is minute in comparison to the long term losses in reputation and trust and ensuing consequences.  In a global economy, the savvy consumer will avoid buying anything originating in China because of the loss of faith.

Any corporation that thinks they can PR,  finesse, package, campaign, etc, products like these jerky treats, better be ready to gamble away their reputation because today's consumer will not be dazzled by the jingles of Madison Avenue and the jangles of gimmicks. Today's educated consumer will call the actor in the dog food commercial pushing the caca and actually question their integrity and inform them that they have just given away their credibility. The next commercial they appear in, will be less effective because they have -0- credibility. Yes, it does work that way.  [The actress that used to do the Milo's chicken jerky treat commercials, now does the Red Robin commercials.  I simply can't watch her. She has -0- credibility. NADA, ZIP, ZILCH.]

We hold each and every person, organization and structure accountable for what is being put out, It is called RESPONSIBILITY.  And yes corporate responsibility is a REAL thing.

So, dog food companies, while you are busy flooding the market with garbage in expensive packaging and suing each other to grift the extra dollar you think you have lost to your competitor's claims about your junk... in the REAL world, we, the informed consumers are walking away from all your garbage and taking control and home cooking for our furbabies and not ever looking back.

It is a David and Goliath struggle, but there is precedent for a David win, and I HAVE FAITH.


And now, momma, that is off our chest, can we go to bed?

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