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PSA dogs in hot cars: The season is starting! A RE POST




PSA dogs in hot cars

The Animal Protection Institute showed that even moderately warm temperatures outside can quickly lead to deadly temperatures inside a closed car.
The study, conducted during a local heat wave, compared an outside temperature of a shaded area with the inside of an automobile in three states: fully closed, with four windows cracked, and with two windows cracked. Inside temperatures were measured with an indoor/outdoor thermometer and an oven thermometer (both readings are given). All temperatures use the Fahrenheit scale.

Day 1

Outside Temperature

Inside Closed Automobile

Indoor/OutdoorOven Thermometer
9:00 am82°109°----
9:30 am87°115°----
10:00 am91°115°----
10:30 am94°114°115°
11:00 am98°114°119°
11:30 am100°117°124°
12:00 pm101°119°127°
1:30 pm112°124°130°
2:30 pm125°130+°159°
4:00 pm98°110°110°

Day 2

Outside Temperature

Inside Auto - 4 Windows Cracked

Indoor/OutdoorOven Thermometer
9:15 am84°98°98°
10:00 am88°103°105°
10:30 am90°108°108°
11:00 am92°109°109°
12:00 pm95°113°113°
1:00 pm101°114°115°
2:00 pm110°123°120°
3:40 pm112°129°128°
4:00 pm115°132°130°

Day 3

Outside Temperature

Inside Auto - 2 Windows Cracked

Indoor/OutdoorOven Thermometer
8:30 am72°72°72°
9:30 am80°95°95°
12:00 pm88°105°105°
1:50 pm99°109°109°
2:30 pm104°120°120°
(both thermometers showed identical readings)   

Other studies show similar results:

  • San Francisco State University - April 2007 fact sheet utilizing data from a Golden Gate Weather Services study
  • Another study reprinted from the Journal of the Louisiana State Medical Society
  • A study from Stanford University shows that even on comparatively cool days, such as 72 degrees, a car's internal temperature will rocket to 116 degrees within 60 minutes. And keeping the windows open a crack hardly slows the rise at all.

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