Friday, May 23, 2014

Ok, but No, momma, no.

I have no desire to have R2D2 to walk me.  Walking is "our" thing. Yours and mine. I do not trust R2D2. I mean....Roomba is a robot and it is stupid. Neato is a robot and it is stupid.  I mean...I can confuse them with a wag!  

If the big duck comes up to me and tries to beak me, what would this robot do? Can it kiss my ouchies gone? Does it know how to protect me?  I say no. I would not take one step with the flying Roomba... Not one. Get another robot to do other chores. Walking me is NOT a chore. And I am not an assignable duty.
The nerve.
Hoomans. Can't relax for one second around them.

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