Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sepia Saturday: Allergies! UGH.

Spring has sprung the grass has risen and my allergies are in full season!

It has been a tough week.  I have had my paws and belly washed innumerable times. Something out there gives me welts. Washing and medicating is the only way to stop a full reaction. So, my "walks" are monitored... Nothing like being watched when you are trying to do "your business", right? "Payback is a hell" says momma. Really?  Laddddddyyyy it is MY JOB to watch you at all times!  MY JOB!.  You are just OCD weird. Who ever heard of bathroom privacy when a Bichon is on duty? Do I try to tell you how to do YOUR job? Never mind.

I am trying to see the big picture. But. Momma looked in my ear yesterday [I shook my head 2 times... and the woman went nuts].  Dragged my tushy over to my dogtor. Yuh, my ear is red, they did not see an infection but then again, it is very red and painful.  So, of course now I have stuff that gets squirted in my ear. I love momma. But momma is OCD. Momma gets nuts if she thinks any of us fur babies are not ok. And lately, between my allergies, and the bubu on my toe, and the itchies and this... her obsessions have me as the target focus. 

Boy I never thought I would say this... but... Momma can you focus on something else?  Someone else perhaps?

For the record, being at the dogtor creeps me out. I shake, rattle and roll and not in a good way. I went there for a red sore ear. My EAR. Immediately they do the stick in the tush thing! What does my tush have to do with my ear????? That whole stick in the tushy is so beyond my level of comfort I just do not get what possible benefit I get from it. I just feel... violated. And my dogtor is hands on. I mean hands on me, all over my body. I like him, but really... should we be that familiar?

Anyway.  I plan on milking this ear thing for all that it's worth.  It got me a two hour belly rub last night [I love falling asleep while my belly is being rubbed] and I love having an all night snuggle. Today I plan on more of the same. Maybe I will wrangle a hand feeding out of momma. I love that. Or maybe, just maybe I will talk her into going to the pet store to visit the gerbils. Wonder what it would take to get her to buy me one.

Well, so far I ma practicing my "painfully cute" poses and working the sympathy angle like a virtuoso.

I am good, I am really good. See?



Laika said...

Aww allergi sucks. Hope your ear will be better soon. Sniff and wags from Laika and Vaks.

ruckustheeskie said...

Aw sorry for the tough week! Antihistamines? Hang in there friend! Happy Sepia Sat