Saturday, January 25, 2014

SNOW crazy momma

Dear Saint Bichon De Frise{yes click on this]

You need to melt all the snow and give us back our grass. 
Have you looked out there? It's a mess!
let's get real...
Momma is playing coat dress up with us
And that's NOT a good deal.
[prayers have to rhyme... I think]

She does not need any more justification to play dress up with us.
Do we look happy?
Nuff said.

And... she has booties ready to try on us. Seriously?

Bewildered... JD trying to make sense of nonsense...

My confrontational look... which momma ignored...

I TRIED very hard with this "ARE YOU KIDDING"? Look... but momma is dense.

By now I was grumbling and calling daddy for help.

Turning my back DID NOT WORK and neither did Talk to the PAW....

Yes, Wendy and I just hunkered down and SUFFERED together. I hope Auntie Robin sees this.

Yes, our expressions say it all..."HELP- Momma is nuts"

Momma was driven nuts by SNOW!

Sant Bichon de Frise, please, make the sun shine!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yu gurls r compwetewy 'dorable!! Sumtimes my Momma wishes I were a gurl so hur cood dwess me up, tu! Oy bey! I hab neber beened so habby tu be a boypup!