Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sexism at the work place: the evidence

Why does on JD get to sit on the daddy's desk while daddy is working from home?
Why are Wendy and I not allowed on that desk?
Why are tolerating this blatant sexism?

Daddy, ever hear of disparate treatment? You do know it is unconstitutional?  And you do know that discrimination on the basis of gender is impermissible, right?

Please consider this my notice that I intend to purse redress. Unless... you would like to somehow make the Wendy and I whole for our "losses" of privilege and opportunity... Say we will take 5 chewies each and one hour a week each on the desk spot.  Look over our offer.  We will be in touch. We are retaining counsel.

Hi Adam, big bro. See what injustice is going on?  I need you to step in and rep us. As always, I will pay you with the best licks, wags and kisses, because I am YOUR cupcake.

'vie and by POA The Wendy too.

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