Friday, January 3, 2014

A moment to reflect on our Rosie's miracle. PREVENTION


Rat Poison Toxicity in Dogs | petMD

A quick NOTE:

Rodenticide attacks the BLOOD not the  stomach. 
Do not expect vomiting, expect bleeding from the gums, nose, or rectum. 
Rodenticide is a powerful blood thinner and it destroys the clotting ability of the blood.

Internal bleeding in the lungs will produce a cough that will not go away.  That may be your first sign. PAY ATTENTION.

The often missed tell: NEON GREEN STOOL usually indicates that there has been rodenticide ingestion. PLEASE  do not wait to act.  In some dogs it can take up to a week for other symptoms to appear. ACT FAST, the key is to get immediate treatment as soon as you see a neon green stool. Neon green is the color of the rodenticide pellets.

It is catastrophic vicious cycle that has been created with targeted victims [rodents ] that  are getting more resistant to the poisons commonly used.  Pest control manufacturers  that are using more and more potent compounds and  poisons than ever before. And for the bait to be attractive... the poison must not be detectable, so it is generally coated with palatable incentives like molasses, brown sugar and peanut butter.Things that taste good.

Unintended victims are cats, dogs, owls and any other creature that happens to eat the poison or eat the poisoned rodent.

Immediate treatment is the key to better survival rate. 

Teach your dog to be a picky eater. Teach them the "Leave it" command. Food should only come from you. Reward them for turning down anything they can find on their own or anything that is given to them by 3rd parties.

Be safe.

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bonniebergstein said...

This is why I was so worried when Bubba brought the dead rat into my house and dropped it by my feet. I knew it was Oreo the cat who caught the rat, but was so worried because Bubba had picked it up!! After I screamed for about 15 minutes, I flushed the dead rat down the toilet, cleaned Bubba's bed with Clorox wipes and cleaned Bubba's mouth with Listerine, but is at up all night and watched Bubba to make sure he was ok. No signs of bleeding (he slept well all night). I still have nightmares about this because I do know a dog that died from bleeding (did not get to the vet quickly)!!