Sunday, January 12, 2014

Broken hoomans are noisy!

Dr. JD [Yes he is a dr! JD means Juris DOCTOR] has officially declared my house a sick zone.
Daddy shared! Momma  now has a cold and sore throat and the yukkies that go with all that.
Momma sounds like she ate rocks and she barks, no?  Oh I forgot.  Human barks are coughs.
Well she is barking and wheezing.

This is me watching the spectacle of the bark, wheeze, sneeze, honk , and moan. I am concerned.
Wait, the turkey jerky is made, the lamb is cooked. Mhh.  I should relax.

The Wendy will only watch from a safe distance.
It is odd behavior and she is not sure what to expect.  So much noise out of momma!  And the nonna started sniffling too!.

This is not good at all. UNLESS....Unless momma feels compelled to make one of those giant stockpots of soup that smells divine and produces the yummiest morsels of "spent" veggies and meats.

Hey momma, how about a giant stockpot of magic soup?  It will make you feel better!

I know it will make me feel better.


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