Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Can I get this in poster size?

My two leggeds are all busy. Our patio got pink misted. It looks like a bizzilion bits of pink ice are everywhere. Daddy's pink soda can blew up and it redecorated the patio. Momma went crazy because she said that it is sugary pink stuff and that it would attract aunts.  Would it be so bad to have aunt Robin, aunt Janet, Aunt Darlene... come over?? OHHHHHH ANTS.  The nasty little buggie kind. Hoooman speak is strange, so many things sound the same...

Anyway, apparently they do not like the pink sprayed look and when momma tried to "wash it" off the glass cleaning spray froze, adding blue ice to the pink ice. I thought it looked pretty. They did not. Watching momma go from wearing PJs, to adding a coat and gloves to that outfit was really cute.

But I do resent that I did not have anyone rubbing my belly after breakfast.  They are all too busy dealing with the can explosion. I am pretty sure it happened yesterday while we were out, because I heard nothing.

We offered to go and lick off the pink ice, but the momma went insane at that suggestion.  apparently daddy drinks "toxic sugar free caca". Toxic???? Momma ranted for a long time about the evils and perils of the nasty soda can.

I do believe that it will be a long time before one of those cans gets brought into the house.

Anyway, left with no alternative, we decided to chill [hahahahaha, CHILL... get it??? It is called ironic remark] and watch our hoomans work.  Sentiment of the mood card is on point.

Oh it is WHITE HAT LUNCHEON DAY! Can't wait to see momma's get up!


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