Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hey, what the hey is all this stuff???????????

This is my street, supposedly. No yellow cat, no walkers, joggers, dogs, squirrels or birds. It is all covered in the wet and cold. Yea that it my name for that four letter word I refuse to say out loud!

Somebody please tell Step Mother Nature... [she is behaving like a Step Mother not a Mother!] that I live in the SOUTH.  I need sunshine and warmth and grass, not this white mess.

Look... faced with the white, cold wet caca... I decided that...

This is as far as I was willing to "walk" to tinkle. Yuh. that is the threshold. Yuh I made yellow snow. No, they are not happy about it. Well, pick up the clue phone, I AM NOT HAPPY EITHER.


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