Friday, January 3, 2014

Rosie Update

Rosie is home!

We are all grateful and thankful for your prayers and good wishes. She will be recovering for the next month and receiving vitamin K to help the healing process.

NO running around , no rough housing, no wrestling matches with Stella for a full month, but the important important thing is her full recovery.

This incident has made us all very aware of the danger of unintended  consequences. Someone out there put out rat poison. Somehow, somewhere, some way.... Rosie got a hold of the poisoned mouse, rodent, rat, whatever.

What followed was 72 hours of crisis. Rosie was lucky. Her momma recognized  the severity of the situation and sought immediate medical care. Rosie's condition was critical enough to require plasma transfusions because there was no time to cross match and type a blood transfusion.

We were lucky. We thank the wonderful staff at the Cove for their skills, care and dedication and pulling Rosie back from the brink of death.

Why do we tolerate toxic poisons that kill  like this?

Something to think about.


PS Rosie... WORK IT baby you have a great angle, recovery gets you EVERYTHING, so work it!

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