Sunday, January 12, 2014

Oh oh the battle has started!

My house is full of noisy sickly hoomans couching barking and sneezing and sounding all gravely. Momma has pulled out all her weapons.

Oodles of noodles...some "spiked" with persillade, some plain.... Tagliolini for soup.....

Tagliatelle con funghi for lunch...
 and the infamous spicy silsi~

Well yuh, of course... SOUP!  Jewish penicillin, A stock pot of insanity so that every possible cellular benefit is extracted.

In case you have not counted that is 3 different nationalities... actually 4, but we shall not discuss what went into the stock.  Daddy is happiest like a mushroom. Kept in the dark and quiet. [Momma said that, but I heard her say "eye of newt " at some point as she was sprinkling something in...]

This "cold stands no chance, the weapons are LOADED. The fight is on.

Yuh.... momma does believe that you FEED A COLD to death.
Bring in on!  Dips on the bones.


Hey momma, have you heard the latest research?  Making your dog some wonderful treat also makes your cold go away faster!  I think I read it in ... Healthy Momma magazine... on Zite or something...

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Two French Bulldogs said...

That would cure any buddy