Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Second Annual HUMAN SHAMING :chapter FOUR

It is like being assaulted --- After all they don't call it  a

for nothing, you know?
We all think we have PTSD from being flashed awake with that infernal BLINKIE.
JD says he has "Fried retina syndrome".  [mhh Fried... sounds delicious]
The Wendy says that the constant presence of the BLINKIE has made her self conscious and she has sunburned eyelids.

Momma GET YOUR OWN LIFE and please, put away the blinkie, or better yet, ever hear of nature photography as in FLOWERS??? They are cooperative, hey are still, they pose????



SlimDoggy said...

Funny - my Maggie hates the flash!

Flea said...

Mama has a nice camera! But you definitely need to speak with mama about that flash ...

Jackie Bouchard said...

Heehee. You poor put-upon pups! (Rita is getting to where anytime I pull out the camera, she now thinks it's all about HER. She's constantly photo-bombing my pics now! ...luckily they usually are all about her...)

Kolchak Puggle said...

What is with Mama's and that STOOPID flashy bulb? They love that thing. I wish I had thumbs so I could flashybulb them.