Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy dancing times two, a letter to Angel OLIVIA

Dearest Olivia,

Your crossing the Rainbow Bridge hit us all pretty hard. Your were a very elegant and sweet girl and your left your momma with a broken heart because she misses you so much. We all do. You have a big family here on earth and as you know, Tidewater Bichon Frise` Rescue is one of those families that sticks together like glue. We hurt, we love, we party, we care for each other. We prayed for you.

We have all been worried about your hoomans. We sent prayers for them. We tried to comfort them. In the end, our words could not really begin to heal their broken hearts.

I am pretty sure that you have been privy to all that has been going on and I must say, I think I see your influence on the events of the day. I am smiling.  I am proud of you.

You left your family overflowing with love for you. So much love that it could not be contained. At first your momma was sure she could never love another Bichon .. You know, hoomans can be soooo silly!

Then you went to work. And then your momma had an epiphany. . She had loved you so much that now all that love had no place to go. Such a waste! She had an empty lap. And an empty heart. And she needed to honor your memory. But how? Well, what do you do with an empty heart? You fill it! Were do you put all that love? Well if you are a rescue person as our TBFR family is,  you RESCUE! But...your momma had so much love to give that one Bichon was not going to be enough. You knew... Skipper and Mary Anne have been waiting for a forever family for a while.  Well, they are waiting NO MORE!

Tonight Skipper and Mary Anne go to bed in their new forever home and Angel Olivia, you will watch over them.

Olivia, Skipper and Mary Anne are now comforting your momma and daddy. They have promised to carry on your work and care for them as you would have.

You left such big paw prints in their hearts that it has taken two Bichons to try and fill them!

you will always be in their hearts.

I told momma I hope she honors me in the same way!
much love


Sally Ann and Andy said...

Very well written post!

NanaNor's said...

Soo thankful for two new furbabies that have a wonderful forever home.