Wednesday, September 25, 2013

And it's OFFICIAL! The start of the 2013 social events season!

Fall is when TBFR* really goes into full gear with fundraising events, parties and good times!

Beautiful breezy days full of sunshine make it ideal to plan and enjoy weekends full of activities.

Lots of stuff coming up! The BASH. OMwoofing DOG. Yuh. I rarely use language like that.  But I took at look inside momma's baking supplies. All I can say is. SAVE YOUR DIRTY PAPER**.

What is planned is LEGEN....[wait for it]  DARY, seriously:

Doogie does not lie!

Hint hint.. chocolate, hint hint white hats, hint hint, Dowi is coming and she would not show up empty handed.

HINT HINT HINT.... momma is a stress baker and she has been stressed.

HINT save your $$$$$$$$ 

'vie.... what will I have to do to get out of wearing ANY get up?????

* Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue, my Alma Mater, of course.
** Dirty paper is what you two leggeds seem to like, you call it  "Money", it is Dirty paper, I have smelled it.

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