Friday, September 20, 2013

JD speaks : Who are you calling old? I am NOT old. I am MATURE!

Momma, look at me.  I am gowgeous and happy.   All this talk of age is useless caca. Senior my tuchus.

Take my word for it.. Focus on keeping me happy, not some stooooooopid number. Wanna rub my belly? Come on, you know you want to. {eyebrows up and down...}

How about covering me with lip smacks?  You like doing that. I wish you would learn to give a proper lick, but hey, you are hoooooman and I have to forgive your limitations.

BTW, I do like the new food changes. I really enjoy the liver and the sweet potato bits. Really.
Tell Dr.Redding I am liking my diet. Now back to my belly.  Do you wanna???? How about a tail scritch?


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