Tuesday, September 3, 2013

NAIL polish?????

Momma was all gushy over falls colors of Nail polish last night.

Mh. Did I spell that right?  Should that read Nail Polish? And why did the Polish people start this trend?

Painted nails. I want no part of momma's excitement. She told me some hooomans paint their dog's nails.

Why? Stop the insanity!

There is no possible reason to do this, except YOUR vanity.

I watch momma get her nails done. HER body HER choice.

No offense to the Polish people, but they should focus on making more pierogi and Kielbasa and not on painting nails!

Uh? What do you mean Polish does not mean Polish from Poland???? Polish as in what? Polished? Painted? My woof, hoomans and their language. 

Well,  like Rosanne Rosannadanna said: NEVERMIND to the Polish.

BUT still NO TO PAINTED NAILS. Leave your dog's nails alone!


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