Monday, September 23, 2013

drink me in

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Momma is a cappuccino addict. Well known truth. Seriously. In case of fire I am not entirely sure the one thing she would try and save would probably be Livia Pasquini.  Her coffee machine. Yuh... it has a first and last name. No she did not, it came that way, but that probably saved us from having to call it "pookie" or "Bestie" or something even more obnoxious. UGH.

I am known interloper. I can smell love being spilled on something or someone and cut right in. It is MY talent.  So... this is my attempt at interloping between Livia Pasquini and momma.

Sad truth... it did not slow her down.

Does your hoooman have an addiction?  How do you cope with it? I need 3 posts to talk about her some other time.


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Two French Bulldogs said...

So is this one! Ok that's scary that your face is drinkable
Benny & Lily