Monday, January 30, 2012

Yes, animals do feel, but apparently humans can't believe it.

For sure, good buddy.  As if. Go watch animals who think like people?  Why are you downgrading animals?  It must be real acting on their part.
Yawn. Animals doing things like real people?! Helloooo???? Look around. Where have you been? From service dogs, to "pets" we all DO things like or better than some "real people"!!!!

Ok, who came up with this lame lame campaign? On principle alone, all animals should urge their human to boycott this. For so many reasons.

Deep breath to calm down. I know where this whole theoretical construct comes from. It is awkward anthropomorphizing.[Yes I did use some big words, because I CAN!] It comes from the egocentric view that only hoooomans [I choose to misspell it to indicate my anger at them- get over it] can think, feel, and engage in goal directed behavior. No, it is NOT a minor thing. No this is NOT cute. It is precisely that kind of thinking that is at the core of puppy mills, animal trafficking etc.

If they understood that we are like humans in that we think, feel etc., nobody would tolerate what goes on every day in puppy mills. Nobody with a conscience that is. What this trailer purports to show is exceptional behavior. The truth is... there is nothing exceptional about it except the it's an overstated fallacy that it is marketing.

Universe, listen up! Animals do think, feel, love, grieve, care for, enjoy, observe, etc. etc. etc. If hooomans actually understood that, maybe then we could move off this conversation. Until you do get it, you cannot call yourself civilized. Being hoooman is NOT the end all. Maybe some hoomans should try being more animal like.

Yes I am cranky. I am frustrated, I want you to get my point. While the movie trailer is retro styled for "wide audience appealing cuteness" it is still offensive.

THUMBS DOWN from me. I am not watching it.
Ick. Get it already.

Now where is my breakfast, and momma no funny business today. I am not in the mood for booby trapped cheese. If you have to give me my allergy pill, just give it to me.


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