Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Security Detail---aka a female's job is never done

What do you smell?

I am not sure.


Nahhh, this is a new smell. Not mouse. Not squirrel. Almost smells like pet store.

Pet store????

Wait. Taking a deep whiff. Inhaling.... Rabbit! I smell rabbit!
I am going in. Cover me.

Yea, rabbit.  Male, young, stupid...

How can you tell?

Do you need me to come smell?

Nahh, stay where you are.  Rabbit, yes, male yes. Young and stupid because a female would not be so dumb as to come into MY house and disrespect me with rabbit caca!

I am still here as back up. In case  you need me.

Gotcha, Stay as you are, I am going in deeper.




No, the trail goes cold here. Probably got chased by the bushy tailed rat with delusions of grandeur.  
Ahh the old one?
Yes, that one.  The king of one tree.

Well, I find your courage to be admirable! You are my hero.


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