Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tact and TRUTH

This is JD doing his macho theng. He scares the life out of the cat that visits our yard.
Lately, though, the cat has not been taking JD seriously.  We "really" don't know why that is.
Obviously JD has been quite disturbed by that reaction, or lack there of. At one point we were actually counting off the cat's alleged nine lives. He was down to five, I think.

This is JD, who quietly approached me to ask me a very serious question.... Do I think that the bows on his head make him look less fierce? OMD... How does one answer that without some serious soul crushing, gender bending... truth?  I mean, I love JD. I do not fault him whatsoever for the bows. I place that blame solely on daddy. He is the one who took us to the groomer, oops.... wait... that last time it was ... MOMMA!!!!! In any case, it is the two leggeds that did that to JD.  But what do I say to him that will not crush him?
I will deal with momma later, on my own terms...

Here is what I told him. And, I am sticking to it, so, back me up. [notice the total look of sincerity I exude...]

I said: "JD, they could put a wreath of pink roses on your head and it would not matter one blink. You are a male's male because, honey, let's face it you are macho from the inside out.
You are fierce and totally awesome. The cat however is in need of glasses and a hearing aid. Obviously it is getting very old. I mean, I hear your growl and I jump out of my skin until I remember that we are pack. The blue bows just tell the universe that you are secure enough to wear anything and still be MR MACHO."

He bought it. That is a testament to my powers of persuasion.

Now, let's go have a chat with momma, and this time, I will be fierce.

Mommmmmmmmmmaaaaaa, let's talk, shall we?



Two French Bulldogs said...

Good job, BOL
Benny & Lily

rocky-dog said...

As a male of the species, I would NEVER allow anyone to put bows on my ears! EEEWWWWW! Bows are cute on girls, sweaters and coats are cute on girls, but I WILL NOT allow them on my body. Mama and I have a very serious difference of opinion when it finally starts raining here, which it is supposed to start today -- mama has been going around muttering about probably need and ark or something before this upcoming storm is finished with us. Mama made me a rain coat, and I just barely tolerate it -- I do it mostly so mama feels better -- but I do NOT like it. Being macho is one thing, but you really need to make your mama understand NO BOWS on BOYS!

silvieon4 said...

I am with you Rocky, and momma knows better [new groomer] nuff said....