Thursday, January 12, 2012

Momma's LYTRO campaign.

My momma is lusting. She is entirely, completely smittened and totally dysfunctional because she is her lusting mode. We don't generally see this kind of behavior from her outside the field of shoes, antique china... LV purses... or sparkly rocks.

Sooo... when we heard what she was lusting after and pining for, we were all shocked and had to go read about it. Truth be told, it is all Adam's fault. He should have never mentioned it. Not around momma. Now, she is obsessed. She is... "FOCUSED". Ha! PUN. You will understand it. Of course she wants the RED HOT LYTRO. She wants to pre order it. And the more she reads about it the more whiny she gets.

Now, let's really be honest. Momma has a very nice expensive camera, and a couple of cheaper cameras floating about. She is a Puparazzi. She is forever snapping pictures of us. And we view the cameras as her instruments of torture because having the flash go off in your face is NOT cool. BUT... Once we figured out that this camera has NO FLASH, well, all three of us have thrown our support behind her campaign to get a LYTRO , ASAP if not yesterday.

Daddy, here is the link:
We, are willing to kick in some chewie cash toward it. And momma says you can even take some of her BBF $. [No, we are NOT going to explain what BBF is. It is just toooooo weird] Ohhhh and she is also willing to spend some of her Bag Lady fund. [Please don't ask. Momma is strange is many many ways]

You know, generally the woman is not this focused [that word again]. But boy the more she reads about this the more focused she becomes...

So, I suggest you start a Lytro fund and pour all upcoming gifts into it until the campaign goal is met. Daddy, this is the easiest present you will ever buy for the momma.

1000% in support of the LYTRO campaign
and the Wendy too

PS. Daddy it could be worst.... she could be asking for this: Aurasma Virtual Browser and virtual world hands-on she was salivating over it earlier today...

Hey you married the little geek, now you have to live with her... I mean... she was a Trekkie... you knew that... this is all part of that territory...

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Kolchak Puggle said...

the Mama is lusting over one as well, ever since she read about it on the facebook. IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES?! Mama keeps leaving it up on the Daddy's computer screen hoping he'll get the hint.