Friday, February 13, 2015

You are killing me with boredom

Do you really expect me to believe that winter is almost over? I have cabin fever. 
Do I look like I was born yesterday?

No, I don't want to play puzzles.
No, I am sick of tug of war.
No tunnel games, no balls, no kill the stuffie.
I have done killed all the stuffies I want dead.
No blitzing.  I am just not into blitzing today.
No, I don't want to toss my toy boxes.
I don;t even want to toss your pillows.

Don't you get it momma?

No, I don't want to go outside, it 's cold out there and wet.

What I really want is to go for a long walk at the boardwalk.  I want to smell the ocean, the pretzels, the funnel cakes, the wahinis [that would be tourists...] the kabob stand... hear the marching bands, watch street performers, get all the two leggeds to ohh and ahh at me and want to pet me.

I want to feel the sun on me and the breezes from the ocean.

I want to smell the pollen and hear that infernal grass cutting machine roar.

I want to sit in the patio and watch frantic squirrels go up and down trees.

I need spring!

And before you dismiss my boredom momma, remember that boredom even kills germs!

I suppose I could let you snuggle me. But I will still be wishing for spring.

Sigh.... maybe. Maybe a trip out to the pet shop... maybe... sigh...

I have the blahs.


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