Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday M IS FOR

M is for Monday.
There is good and there is bad in M.

M is for MELTED snow.
M is for MUD which is now everywhere.
M is for MUCK... which is what momma calls the mud, leaves and stuff all over the yard.

M is for ...Max!  He is here visiting.

M is for MEAT mousse. YUM.

M is for Momma who is slowly losing her mind.  Her dead puter pulled a Lazarus, but she says that trust is broken and her heart has moved on. She is waiting for the new puter to arrive. Note to self. NEVER breake momma's trust. That woman will not forget... or forgive...

M is for Many Many Many petters at hand and that is a good thing!

M is for the melancholy sky. So gray... but it is perfect napping weather!

M is

for ME trying to figure out what you are doing!!! Call me when you get your stuff together and are ready for a snuggle.


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