Monday, February 16, 2015

Winter's revenge

Momma bad mouths the WINTER at every opportunity.  She absolutely hates cold, snow, wet, and gray skies. This is no secret.  She has now added heavy winds to that hate list.

Well, the WINTER got even for that. Yesterday, with the heavy winds, the WINTER took out its revenge on momma, It killed her primary puter. Killed it, murdered it, stabbed dead in his little heart.

Yup, so far momma has been inconsolable. Mind you, there had been lots of talk about retiring that system. Actually between you and I it should have been retired a while back... But the momma is a creature of habit and her habits are entrenched.  So, after the rage and shock and grieving, all still going on BTW, momma relented and with Dowi and Adam's guidance, she "pulled the trigger" and ordered a new system. They are all very excited about it. Momma...not so much.

Touch screen, powerful, muscle machine... blah blah... change is hard.

But this is the one necessary step for a full integrated system. Dowi and Adam are fully aware that it took this "tragedy" to propel momma forward. Momma is still in the corner whining.

In any case, bear with me. The "new monster" will not be here for a couple of weeks, so they say...
It will be Alexa compatible. It will "make the room" shut up Donny... paraphrasing here...

Until then, momma is going to perseverate, and hope that data backup really worked, that the Adam will be able to mind meld with the cadaver and retrieve it's "electronic soul".
And I suppose, now she will be forced to actually claim her orphan laptop which has so far been tickled only by the occasional visitor.

Life is hard.  Letting go of old things is hard. But it is the price of progress.

For the record, the name that momma has assigned to her new system is unrepeatable. I am with Adam. Really momma.

So, bear with us while we gently steer momma into her new reality. She is really dragging her tush.

Do they hold funerals for old puters that die?

Is it is a full memorial service?

I need to find all that out.


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