Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday sequestration

Sigh.  We are sequestered. We are house bound. We are snowed in.

Sigh. That picture perfect snowy postcard scene I spy from my window... left me cold. Ha. tepid attempt at humor. Tepid...  ha ha... more humor... Humor is all we have left at this point as everything else that you can remotely call an emotion is FROZEN.

Sigh. I am momma's daughter. Deep in my bonded DNA [that bond was instant and permanent as of my gotcha day] the sun of Africa shines and beckons me. I blossom and thrive in it's warmth. Or the memory thereof. That's all I got right now.  This white, cold stuff is entirely foreign to my molecules.

Sigh some more.

So... hoomans, Thumbs enabled, big brained, semi omnipotent beings, do you really want me to believe that none of you can do anything about the weather?

Really?  I mean, really?????

Is there no way to use, store some of this coldness to mitigate the summer heat?  Ya, know, even things out a bit?  I am shocked and appalled that nobody has thought of that.  You are welcome for the idea. Now, can you get crackalacking and work on it?

Also, while you are at the board working on solutions, how about figuring out that old remove the calories issues so that we can eat without having to hear momma's diet chant.

And on the same vein. Can we, once and for all get rid of all UGLY sweaters?  I don't ever want to have to battle momma on this.  I mean, really... it should be a national, no international ban. They should NOT be produced. EVAH!

I plan on making the most of today. Captive hoomans, Giggle. Hello, have you seen my belly?
Have you snuggled your puppy?  How is your blood pressure?  Want me to assist you in taking it down a few notches?

I am willing, if you are game.  What else are you going to do? Shovel snow???? Hahahahahaha. I crack me up.

Hey how about putting some bird food out there for the cardinals?  I like those guys.

Come on, snuggle time.


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