Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dearest JD

In two days it will be Valentine's day.

I just thought I should... ehmm  remind you?

You can take this picture with you when you go shopping for my V day's gift. Let me make it easy on you.

1. I like pink.
2. I like elegant.
3. I like expensive.
4. I like sparkly.
5. I like anything delicious wrapped in crinkly paper...[shop in daddy's car for that!]

That being said, I also appreciate"non things" gifts. Ehmm, Would you be willing to say... we were in a committed relationship?

You do know that that tall blond lab Bubba, up the street would be more than willing to lay that claim. I am just saying... And then there is Max. All that boy need is a blink his way and his soul would be mine... I am just saying...

Momma says I am forcing an issue that does not exist. Easy for her to say. She has owned the dad since the stone age.

In any case, this is the dress I plan on wearing on V day. You are planning something for us right?????


1 comment:

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh you look so sexy
Edward (& Lily)