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Friday, February 6, 2015

Two legged are ... CRAZY

Dear DC Cooper, by now you must have realized the downside of living with a two legged.
So, this last indignity you endured must not have shocked you.

YES- They take you to the vet and stick you up with needles EVEN WHEN you are feeling perfectly fine. 

YES you are right.... NO LOGIC.

I have to be honest with you, part of me is grateful it was you who got to see DR Redding and NOT ME. I like our Dr R, but I am somewhat confused... Why did the PHIL take you to my DOGtor? You are a cat...DOGtors see cats too????

Oh who knows, hoomans... they are so illogical.

Did the needle on your bumpus hurt? I fake out feeling terrific anytime momma takes me there. Why? Because if I fake out feeling good I get to go home faster. You know how that goes.

Anyway, we enjoyed visiting with you. [some of us more than others...] and I do hope you liked JD's food.

DR R has JD on an organ diet. I have yet to see this "organ" All I know everything in minced. As far as I can tell it's liver, heart, tripe, etc... HAVE NOT SEEN "THE" ORGAN.  But then. momma's robot coupe would be capable of grinding those pipes into a fine powder... so maybe it's in there after all.  Who knows.

On a different note.... Momma, we need these. I need the talk to paw one... STAT!


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