Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thoughtless Thursday: Just follow me, I will show you

Over the course of the week that Adam was home, Silvieon4 showed us all a thing or two.... We learned that she knows what she likes, she knows how to get it and ... she is not above manipulating someone else to get it for her.

Aside from that whole pumpkin biscotti incident which was a doozie... we will tell you about it some other time...yes THAT good... it deserves its own post...Silvieon4 is too smart for her own good.

We documented this little "incident" of many...

Come here Adam, I will show you, just follow me!!!  I know where momma keeps some yummy stuff in crinkly paper! I live here ALL the time!!!  I know all HER secrets!   I will show you, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO THINK ABOUT!  Just follow me!

See the bag with the white thingies?  Candy! They taste like toothpaste, and butter.  She calls them mints. Let's get some of those!  You have thumbs! They are delicious.!

And in that closed basket... crispies, salty and delicious... Let's get some of those!!!  She won't mind! I promise! She loves you, no? She must share!

[At this point Adam was laughing too hard to do anything else.] Silvie was besides herself with frustration. When she finally gave up, she "punished" Adam by not going on his lap...

Dang it Adam!
You have thumbs!
Why won't you do it???? You frustrate me.

What can momma possibly do to you?  You are way bigger than her!

 I give up!


Thank you Ruckus the Eskie  for hosting:


Two French Bulldogs said...

Mom is cracking up. You know all that woman's secrets
Lily & Edward

ruckustheeskie said...

Hilarious! Happy Thoughtless Thursday :)