Tuesday, January 27, 2015


This is a reality I am not fond of... I mean, you do know that snow is wet and cold, right? Why would you want to even touch it?

Some of us, ehmm JD are "opting out".  JD is not venturing outside. But he did decide to nap and give the white caca a chance to melt away.

Some of us... ehmm the Wendy are NOT deterred by sweaters and such. She will not be denied her tinkle patrol. [Pee pads are too good for her!]

Moi???? I HATE SNOW.

Somebody hold me. 

MY tootsies are NOT meant to touch that stuff!!!

Hey, it's tasty Tuesday no?

Momma said she was going to give pulled noodles a crack. I will let you know .

for now... I am trying out how to co opt a hooman into a snuggle.


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