Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tasty Tuesday: momma's MAGIC zucchini

Do you know when zucchini gets magic????

When it tastes like duck, or lamb, or chicken...

Momma's zucchini is magic. Today it tastes like yummy Greek lamb.

No, I am not going going to look into her trick bag and kill the mystery.  I love eating it too much for that, but you are welcome to by reading the rest of this post.

Only one observation. It is delicious. But why do we have to share it with momma and the daddy and even Adam ate it!!!!  Seriously hoomans, Eat some other food.  Go eat chocolate or something!.

Start with:

2 medium zucchini cut each lengthwise in half.
Lightly salt the cut zucchini and set it to drain off.  The salt will leach out some of the excess water and change the texture of the zucchini so it does not get mushy when you grill it.

Use your favorite marinade, making sure that no allium product is in. So no ONIONS [dogs cannot have onions]
We use a sprinkle of pepper, oregano or tarragon, a squeeze of lemon or balsamic vinegar,

Here is the "magic". Marinate your lamb, chicken, lamb, duck,... beef, fish... whatever protein you are going to grill in that marinade. Add the zucchini to that marinade.

Yes, the salted drained zucchini is now ready to absorb some of the marinade and flavors.

Yes, I know... the meats are raw!  But you will cook that zucchini so it is OK!!!

Prepare your hot grill, start by cooking your meats/ poultry...

As your meats get cooked, place your zucchini halves on the grill.
Cook for 5-7 minutes on each side.

And there is the magic.  Your zucchini should be cooked, but have a little body to it. {NOBODY LIKES MUSH!!!"}
Ehmm make extra.
It is popular....


we ARE in THERE!!! :):):) !!!!!

Roast Marrow from Silvie on 4

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Anonymous said...

Yum, you are making me hungry!!! Enjoy that delicious magic zucchini!