Friday, January 30, 2015

Manners... some two leggeds LACK them

Soooo, you finally got to momma.  After much stalking and skulking and tail fanning, FINALLY you got momma to yourself.

You settle in for what will be a much needed belly rub. For both of us. YES BOTH. Scientifically speaking, rubbing my belly is a de-stresser. I take much pride and full credit for keeping momma's blood pressure very low. You think I am just cute?  Ha.... I am THERAPY!  I am more than cute.

But I digress. Six or seven strokes into our belly rub, my eyes are closed and I am getting into the grove... almost ... I become aware that something is amiss. Then I hear some noise that sounds like a tire hissing air,,, I open my eyes and voila`... Giggling like a school girl at a New Direction concert , is my hoooman bro Adam. Get this, he has his hand over his mouth... he is the hissing tire... Apparently putting your hand over your mouth makes everyone one around you NOT hear you...right???  Yes SOURcasm... If you are going to intrude on my belly rubs with your camera, I reserve the right to shower you with SOURcasm.

By the third picture I am really stalking you now. I am looking at you and actually sparking some shame in you.  Do you feel it? Oh,oh wait, Do you feel like you should leave? Not hearing me? How about a phrase you would recognize... "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?????" I speak with my eyes..

That's right, back off Jack, take your blinky box with you and make like the wind.  I am going to close my eyes and go back to the belly rubs. BBBBBB-byeeee....ciaoooo

[that boy needs manners... we will talk about that later momma...]


Ps- I love you Adam....even now.

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